Business Contracts; Medical Marijuana Compliance


Medical Marijuana

Although marijuana is federally illegal, if you have a permissible medical marijuana or ancillary business within the state of Florida, now is the time to protect your investment! The Range Law firm is here to assist you in developing and maintaining a compliance program if you business a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center, physician or third party vendor within the industry.* With SEC compliance experience our firm can help with compliance issues and navigating the confusing regulatory framework. 

*It is important to note:1) federal law still criminalizes the possession, use, and sale of marijuana and 2) Florida law does not immunize violations of such federal law or any non-medical use, possession or production of marijuana.



Before heading into contract negotiations obtain a substantive review the proposed contract in order to pinpoint potential issues you may face.  Experience advocating during the contract negotiation process provides a better landscape for favorable contract terms and a complete understand of contractual obligations.